OpenHack Uppsala 2017

Developers, designers and motivated people from Sweden will gather for a full weekend Hackathon in Uppsala. The focus will be to leverage Open Source code to solve challenges society faces. OpenHack will bring ideation, design, and coding to deliver creative solutions for the good of humanity.

There are many challenges in the world that put the good of humanity to the test. We encourage all ideas that could help to address these, both on a local and global scale. OpenHack is a non profit-event  created by students with backing from Engineers Without Borders.

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Hackathon Overview

The hackathon is free for participants why it will seek financial backing from corporate sponsors and rely on goodwill and help from volunteers and other supporting organizations. Sleeping as well as food arrangements will be offered. During the hackathon participants will work actively with a few established Open Source projects that will be presented in advanced.

The first day the participants form groups based on the projects in which they will work in during the 48 hour hackathon. During certain breaks they will be offered to present their work up to that moment in front of Open Source project representatives in order to get feedback and inspire others.

On Sunday afternoon the hackathon will end with a prize ceremony where teams may present their final work for a jury consisting of representatives from the Open Source projects, corporate sponsors and organizers. Categories will consider factors such as innovation, complexity, potential and quality of the contributions and ideas developed.

We encourage you to stay in the building during all 48 hours but you might as well leave during the night and return in the morning. Since the time is limited, every hour is important!


Humanitarian and development aid is about helping people suffering from both short-term and long-term problems. These problems can be natural (e.g. droughts, floods and earthquakes) as well as man-made (e.g. poverty, war and oppression). A recent example of a humanitarian crisis is the refugee situation in Europe and the disorder in Syria and its surrounding region.

For people who want to actively help, there are many organizations that rely on and gladly take in volunteers. For those who want to use their core skills and competencies, there are organizations such as Doctors Without Borders and Engineers Without Borders. The latter recently initiated this Open Source Hackathon.

In Open Source software end users, decision makers, subject matter experts and developers from around the world can work together to create great solutions.

There are a lot of mature Open Source projects out there already in the field of humanitarian and development aid for example: Ushahidi and Sahana in crisis management and information gathering, OpenMRS for medical records, Martus for secure information sharing in places with limited freedom of speech and Mifos X, an open platform for financial inclusion for people in poor areas where financial services such as savings, payments and loans are not offered.

Knowledge and awareness of these projects and the potential of Open Source software as a tool in humanitarian and development aid, however, is very limited. To address this issue on a local level, we created OpenHack.

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Become a sponsor

We are open for collaborations on many levels. 

Our scope is to keep a high level of interaction between our partners and our participants. We like to see our partners as representants for Open Source and as coaches/mentors.  Therefore we wish interested employees to partake in the event and help the participants in the development and comprehension of how Open Source may be used in both professional such as non­profit contexts. 

If physical precense is not possible we are open to discuss other possibilities. 

Last year we worked together with IBM, Neo4J, Jayway, Swedsoft and FooCafe. A big thanks goes to VentureLab who gave us great financial support at an early stage.

For further information please contact our partners coordinator at Lisbet Ersson and we are happy to discus a potential partnership with you!

- Help us help the aid organisations to help others!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does It Cost To Participate?

Nothing! It's completely free so make sure to sign up as soon as possible.

I’m Not Sure If I’m Qualified Enough To Join The Hackathon…

Sure you are! What are you talking about? Anyone can help make a difference, which is what we’re all about.

Where Do I Sleep?

At the hackathon facilities. Remember to bring your own sleeping bag and mattress.

Will There Be Food?

Yes! Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be cared for. Complimentary snacks and drinks will also be available.

Do I Have To Produce A Finished Product During The Hackathon?

No, you have 48 hours at your disposal and your contribution can be in anywhere from a powerpoint presenting wireframes/mockups to clickable prototypes/proof-of-concepts to fully functional applications.

Can I Start Hacking Before?

Yes of course. If you have an idea to work on go for it, the sooner you start the more time you have.

Can I Work On Multiple Projects?

Of course you can. The more ideas you have the more backups you can fall back to if your first choice does not work out.

Who Will Be In The Jury?

Highly positioned representatives from our corporate sponsors and aid organizations.

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Organized by Engineers without Borders

Nike Hiller

Project Manager

Computer Science

Uppsala University

Karin Johansson

Project Developer

Sociotechnical Systems Engineering

Uppsala University

Lisbet Ersson

Partner Coordinator 

Sociotechnical Systems Engineering

Uppsala University 

Elin Swedin

Participant Coordinator

Computer Science 

Uppsala University 

Axel Iveroth

Event Coordinator 

Sociotechnical Systems Engineering

Uppsala University 

Hedvig Sylwan

Social Media & PR Manager

Behavioural Science

Uppsala University

Krzysztof Jagiello

Technical Manager

Computer Science 

Uppsala University 

Johan Törngren

Art Director 

Information Systems

Uppsala University


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